There is nothing quite like a nostalgia race in the middle of summer to heat
things up And this July steamer was no exception. With four classes to choose
from and the club cars from NETO there was a little something for everyone who
wanted to see what drag racing was like years in the past.
NETO Nostalgia class started off with five foul lights in eight races but from
that point on there was only a single red light for the remainder of the event.
Quarter finalists included Jerome Hillier, Roger Wright, Allan Dwy and Steve
Consentino all advancing to the final four. Hillier and Wright, locked in the points
battle for this class found Hillier’s Ford besting the Mopar of Wright on a double
break out with a 13.07, 102 being better than an 11.31 at 123. Newcomer Allan
Dwy drove his Vega panel entry past Consentino’s 62 Dodge wagon 10.08 and 129
versus a 10.50 at 127. Hillier then finished off Dwy with a slip of 13.07, 101 to a
close but later 10.08 and 129.
NETO Comp was headlined by Dan Kennelly as he held sway over Jerry
Deslandes. Chip Brown in his super charged Chrysler bowed out to Deslandes in
the quarters and Kennelly handled Mike Petrole’s dragster as Bill Spencer ran
alone in his altered. Kennelly’s Nova took down Spencer, 8.93 and 144against an
8.84, 149 as Deslandes was unopposed in the semis. Deslandes was in control in
the final as his RT was far superior to Kennelly’s but he miscued by running under
his dial at 9.08 and 149.25 that gave the title to Kennelly’s 8,91 at 141`.73.
The regular classes were headlined by Eddie Korpos winning N1, the fastest
bracket over Bryan Mirsky. Korpos’ Nova ran a 9.67, 136rd that left Miirsky
second best with an 11.79 at 111.72.
Carl Milano and his record holding Mustang took the NM2 honors by
beating the 55 Chevy of Gary Coleman. A 10.64 and 124.08 was the winning
combination for Milano as Coleman ran second best at 11.57 and 115.81.
The N3 class belonged to Bruce Kopco when he bested Jose Cruz in the
final. Kopco’s Vette marked up a 12.2, 101.15m that dropped the Chevelle of
Cruz to runner-up status with a time slip of 11.75, 112.94.
Jerry Ackerman garnered another N4 trophy by holding off Jacqualyn
Wilhelm. Ackerman, aboard a newer for him Mustang got by the Camaro of
Wilhelm 16.86, 77.48 versus a 14.08 at 95.69.
Several more nostalgia races are on the schedule this year with the next set
for the 61st anniversary show on 8/8 along with the Funny Car Throwdown. The
Ol Daze drags returns in September and the Fall Nostalgia Nationals polished off
the year in October.