2019 Jr Dragster Champion Alexis Sanseverino
2019 Jr Street Champion Johnny Hedenburg IX

Below you will find all information necessary to start off with Jr Drag Racing (5-17 years old) or Jr Street Racing (14-17 years old). Licensing runs can be done on any Test & Tune day, during private track rentals, or on Summit race days where Jr’s are racing. We do attempt to get all passes necessary in 1 day, however due to a lengthy process, 2 or more days may be necessary to complete all 6 runs. Please plan for this.

Step 1 – Download

  • Application MUST be printed out in color. (Jr Dragster on Left, Jr Street on Right)

Step 2 – Birth Certificate & Minor Release Waiver

  • Please bring an official copy of the child’s birth certificate to the track on the day of licensing.
  • (Jr Dragster Only) Parents will need to bring signed & notarized minor release waiver included in the application packet prior to any on track runs

Step 3 – License Passes

  • Now the fun begins! 
  • Once drivers and vehicles pass tech inspection, JDRL Participants will make one trip down the track with an official on a golf cart, Jr Street Participants will make one pass in the vehicle with an official. 
  • JDRL Participants younger than 10 years old will need to make 5 additional incremental passes.
  • JDRL Participants older than 10 years old may need to make all 5 passes, but can possibly have 2 waived if driver demonstrates they are ready for the final 3.
  • Jr Street Participants will then make 5 passes with the assigned supervising adult. 

Step 4 – Jr Drag Racing League Physical

  • JDRL participants must have physical completed
  • Jr Street- skip this step

Step 5 – Jr Street & Jr Drag Racing League Finish Application

  • Complete the rest of the Application (including notary where designated) and send in to NHRA!