It should come as no surprise that prices on EVERYTHING are increasing. In the past we have been very lenient with our rainchecks, but as wages and expenses go up we’ve needed to review our policies. In order to keep our entry prices fair and reasonable, we have had to make the following adjustments:

Starting March of 2022

  • There will be NO REFUNDS of any kind, for any reason. This includes gate entries, points sign ups, reserved parking, helmet or jacket purchases and race fuel.
  • No rainchecks or refunds if your vehicle fails tech. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have proper safety equipment and all equipment is within its expiration date. We are an NHRA race track and follow NHRA regulations. That said, if you are unsure, you are welcome to purchase a spectator or crew ticket and have a tech inspector go over your vehicle with you after there is no longer a line at tech inspection prior to purchasing a racing ticket. Please see the links below for a copy of NHRA rules.
  • There will be NO rainchecks or refunds given to any test & tune driver after ANY runs are made down the track.
  • There will be NO rainchecks or refunds given to any spectator or crew member unless it rains less than 1 hour after the time stamp on their ticket. Once you enter the facility there are no rain checks if there is no rain. This includes drop offs, parts pick-ups, fuel purchase, looking for a friend, etc.

The only instances that there will be rainchecks are as follows:

  • No passes are made by a racer due to weather conditions (full raincheck).
  • A racer finds a problem with their car prior to going to tech or making their 1st pass (raincheck less spectator fee for the day).
  • A spectator or crew member ticket is timestamped within an hour of the time rain started AND we call the event rained out. (partial raincheck)
  • Any class vehicles (Summit, Nostalgia, Motorcycle or any specialty race) have not completed 1st round, less $20 per run made.

In all instances of rain, we will make our best effort to dry the facility and get back under way. This includes up to 2-3 hours of drying time. If it rains a 2nd time we will use our best judgement whether or not conditions will remain safe to finish the day.