Wes Siegel, Paul Northrop and Chuck Render all scored home runs in a hotly contested event featuring tremendous competition in all categories.  Siegel grabbed hold of the bucks in Super Pro with a final round takedown of 2020 Division One champ Robbie Boyd.  Meanti9me, Paulk Northrop walked through the Pro field to best Dan Tice for the title.  And Chuck Render outlasted Anthony Picone in the Sportsman bracket.,

          Siegel took out the Mustang of James Arata to move out of the quarterfinals of Super Pro while Boyd sent Wilbur Hooper to the showers.  Brian Davison set back Connor Hebig and Elyse DeCarlo got by Davie Harvey Jr.  Siegel’s Camaro and Davison’s Hugger engaged in a here-to-fore unseen event as both drivers left the line on perfect .000 RTs.  Davisson ran into troubles and slowed as Siegel nt 8.51 on a bail out.  Boyd then ran closer to his dial to defeat DeCarlo, 6.53, 156 versus a 6.61 at 152.  The final left little doubt as to the outcome when Siegel cut a .014 and a time of 8.28, 120.69 for the win light.  Boyd ran under with negative results to runner-up on a 6.51 and 156.68.

          In Pro, Paul Northrop beat Tylor Wyker and Jonny Northrop on his way to the money round.  And Dan Tice gunned down Steve Baker and Dave Harvey Jr to earn his way into the other ruing on the ladder. Tom Spangler and Brian Davison made it as far as the quarters.  Tice posted up an 11.94 against the too quick 10.95 to turn Harvey away as Northrop’s 11.87 prevailed over the 10.49 of Johnny Northrop.  Tice took a hundredth on the tree and legged out a break out pass of 11.87 at 106.79 for a loser in the final.  Northrop collected the bigger check with a sub-dial 11.80 at 109.72.

          Chuck Render and Anthony Picone squared off for the Sportsman payout in what was the second final round appearance for Picone this season.  The 47 Merc pilot got by Jim Romagna in the QF and Pete Navetta in the semis in the best showing for Navetta in a while. Render ran solo and then beat Dan Baker in his march to the title. Render’s 57Chevy was too much for the former gasser as the Old Bridge driver clocked a 12.40 at 102 for the light over Picone’s second place finish on a time of 11.75 and 111.85.

                    Bike had a few more entries this week and it yielded some new winners.  By the time the second round was over the usual suspects were sidelined with Hookway, Stephens and Miele all on the trailer.  Jacob Teats out ran Charlie Koenig in the semis as Ken Thiedemann was unopposed.  The trophy dash was unusual when Thiedemann was late leaving but Teats fell off his dial big time and let the Busa take the light on an 8.94, 136 to 9.33 and 146 for the loss.

          Jaina Embley was better than Rylee Eberhart in Junior Street as the Blazer ran 9.00 and 75.87 to the second place finisher’s  Camaro at 8.95 and 74.71. 

          Aaron Frankovic garnered the J/D honors when he won over a fouling Zach McCormick.  In the slowest entry in the bracket, Frankovic carded a 14.36, 43.72 after McCormick went red with his 9.29 and 62.77.

          Frank Cole and his Demon won Trophy at 11.06, 122.72.

          The Impala Club ran a double race with the resulting outcomes.  Stew Drozd defeated Glen Koenig in Race 1,  13.42 and 97.39 over a 12.38 at 111.98.,  Race 2 fell to Dean McFadden when his 15.16, 88.12 held court against Bob Trieschmann’s 12.80 and 107.59.