Close competition is a given in bracket racing and nowhere more tight than in Super Pro. With a host of double zero reaction times and elapsed times within a few hundredths of the dial being the norm, it takes serious concentration and at times some luck to win an event. And to win more than one or two in a season is a true sign of greatness.  Enter Richie Williams and his Chevelle out of Westbury NY who in seven completed events thus far has taken the checkered flag three times. With one title in the first half Williams placed third in the series and qualified for a seat on the finals team.  Since the change to second half this guy has reeled in a pair of victories, including this week and not only leads the points series in the half but  overall as well.  While there is still a lot of racing to get to the end of the chase, the rest of the field had better keep a close eye on this fella and be extra ready when he pulls up in the other lane.

          Okay, so  how did Williams pull off his latest victory.  He bested Connor Hebig’s dragster in the opener and coincidentally in the final as well after Hebig coughed up the buyback bucks.  Taking down the always tough Andrew Bracuto and going solo in the semis, the Chevy and the dragster met up for the money round. Hebig had ousted Robbie Boyd and Bryan Mirsky to earn his way to the title chance.  ,And what a final race it was. Both drivers hit the tree at .009 RT and were making superb runs.  At the stripe it was close as could be when Williams ran 7.733 on a 7.73dial at129 mph for the win light.  Hebig was oh so close but clicked off a sub-dial 6.823 against a 6.83 at 149 for runner up.

          Rob Zetterberg burnished his points total when he pulled off the win in Pro bracket.  Zetterberg took out teammate Tyler Wyker in the quarters as Bill Parson beat Steve Baker, Jim Trommeloen was better than John Hedenberg and Barry Van Scotten corralled Greg Myers.  Trommelen’s AMC entry exited to Zetterberg in the semis as did Parson’s Malibu to Van Scotten’s Nova.  Van Scotten ended the last race quickly with a foul light and 10.34, 118 that paid Zetterberg the most bucks as the Monte Carlo cranked out a 9.50 at 140.89.

                    Bill Hakucsa has climbed back into the overall points lead in Sportsman but couldn’t  close the deal with Mitch Speert this week for the class.  A second chance racer, Speert was better than Doug Hoven in the QF as Hakucsa handled Rich Heinkel and Gary Agar ran unopposed.  Hakucsa was lucky to get out of the semis after Agar’s Camaro laid a great RT on him and then ran just enough off the dial to allow Hakucsa to hold on at 12.03 and 115 to a losing 11,84 at 115. Speert moved up on a solo and then quickly took the victory as Hakucsa went red to dump his 12.01, 115 into second place and Speert’s Mustang grabbed the cup on a 14.48 at 98 mph.

          Chris Miele took over the points in Bike when he was one round better than Barry Stephens.  Stephens has not had one of his better seasons thus far and was looking to move up a spot or two and when he beat Don Hookway in the first round he had some hope.  But Miele, who was only a round behi9nd Hookway to start the day was no a quest of his own and matched up race for race into the final. 
Stephens, who had wasted a .001 light on a solo semi pass, gave up .04 to Miele on the trophy run and was never able to make it up. Miele won the class with his 9.25, 131 to a losing 10.82 and 131.

          Jaina Embley checked in with another JR Street win by outlasting Pat Myers.  She needed to post an on the dial 11.70 at 61.12 to compensate for the three hundredths she gave to Myers on the tree and won it by eighteen thousandths of a second.

          Violet Sawicki and Savannah Kinney were finalists in J/D action  that produced another super close finish.  Kinney had a small starting line advantage but Sawicki ran tighter on the number and her 8.02, 78.90 bettered the 8.00 and 80.23 for Kinney.           Even with the afternoon rain delay there was time for Consolation races this week. Robbie Boyd earned himself an extra one hundred points when he was the only one to run in C1, turning in a 6.55 and 156.32.  Consolation 2 was a four round affair that came down to Steve Baker and Anthony Picone.  P:icone lit the red bulb for a loss at 11.71, 112 to give Baker the money and the points on a ticket of 11.92 and 107.