You just have to love spring.  The days are starting to warm up, the grass is sprouting and racers are dusting off the dregs of winter and sharpening their skills for a long season run.  While the temps were in pretty good shape a variable tail wind made it tough to know just where to dial with the unknown of just when a gust would come along. Those who guessed it best had a wonderful event and money belt full of green paper with presidents’ faces for the drive home. 

          Richie Williams has been establishing himself as a racer to beat in Super Pro over the past couple of years, finishing well in the points and making each round opponent pay close attention to the NY based Chevelle. There are few if any giveaways in the bracket and Williams had to shut down the likes of Andrew Bracuto in the quarters and then take out the Olds of Rich Wilk to advance to the final.  Elyse Climes DeCarlo had her dragster ready for the battle and showed her stuff against Todd Martin to win in the QF and soloed to get to the money round.  The last annual champ from Raceway Park and second in points here last season was a tad late in the final and let Williams nail down the honors on a ticket started on a .002 light and a 7.66, 129 effort to put on the win light.  DeCarlo made a good run at 6.58 and 153 that left her second best this night.

          It’s been awhile since Kevin Pelanne had his 67 Chevelle in the Pro fight but apparently he has lost none of his acumen due to the layoff.  Pelanne knocked off some feisty competitors to get into the QF where he turned back Brian Mullaney and then added Steve Baker to his pelt belt with a win in the semis. Meanwhile, Greg Leifen was doing likewise on the other side of the ladder where he took care of Gary Coleman and Kip Sinn before having to face off against the BBC motored entry out of Riegelsville Pa.  Unfortunately for Leifken he was way tight on the tree and left a red bulb shining in his lane that tossed out his shut off 10.76 while Pellane ran up a fine 9.35 at a speed of 139.37 mph.

          Bill Hakucsa had one of his worst years last season when he finished out of the top five in Sportsman and opened this year with a less than stellar showing last week. Tonight he showed his old self when he dominated the Sportsman bracket all the way to the title.  Hakucsa just got by Jerry Ackerman in the quarters even when the latter left with a perfect RT as the Camaro pushed the Maverick under at the top end by just .002 seconds.  Doug Eberhart also had the better light in the semis but fell when Hakucsa ran closer to his handicap and earned a spot in the last go. Harley Parson  jumped into this bracket with a flair, working her way around Jim Romagna prior to squaring off with the multi-time points champ for the bucks.  Hakucsa did manage a quicker reaction time against Parson and needed only an 11.68 and 106.51 to head for the pay window.  Parson gave a good accounting of herself, and this is a young racer to keep an eye on, as she posted up a 12.92, 101.61 for second place.

          A light turnout for Bike ended with Chris Miele besting Don Hookway to win the division.  Miele won easily at 9.21, 148.04 after Hookway went red to waste a 9.19 and 144.53.

          Anna Sawicki was the best of J/D when she was the winner over Aaron Frankovic.  The slowest car in the field, Frankovic held court until the final when he fouled out a 14.30, 44 mph effort that gave Sawicki’s 8.01, 80.35 bragging rights for the next week. In J/ST it was Sean Conway Jr taking the meddle of Patrick Myers.  This bracket also turned on a foul start when Myers wasted his 10.86 and 67 mph jaunt as Conway had the win light all the way on an 11.31, 50.43 run.

          Brian Mirsky was better than Wilbur Hoops for Consolation One. Hoops dropped a red light slip of 8.57, 120 to a 7.99 and 127 card for Mirsky.

          Kevin Fahey went four rounds in Consolation Two to end up first against Mike Franek.  Once again the foul light figured prominently costing Franek the race early on and Fahey drove his 2015 Charger to victory at 12.38 and 98.36.