With temperatures in the “Oh Wow” category the racing schedule was modified this weekend to try to avoid the worst of the heat, with only a modicum of success.  Moving up the start time, limiting to one time shot and going right to eliminations was intended to try to finish the program before the middle of the afternoon or at least provide an opportunity to take some breaks to cool off between rounds.  But a pesky photocell wire and a computer that decided it was a good day to take off pushed the timing around.  After a computer change and a few input gremlin adjustments were in place, the rest of the event went pretty smoothly.

Considering the heat and the advanced schedule, Super Pro was fairly well represented and the quality of the cars was second to none. Barry Moyer and h9is repainted and updated Maverick got out of the quarters with a win over the dragster of Connor Hebig. Rick Wilk motored his Olds past former national champ Todd Martin’s RED entry.  And Jason Wilson returned to action in his dragster that took out John Graziano’s Impala ragtop.  Wilk and Moyer faced off in the semis where Moyer left too early and red lighted his 8.37 lap for a loss as Wilk fired an on the dial 7.53, 137.99.  Wilson ran unopposed at a 6.50, 134.  Wilk took the head start in the final and gave up a couple of hundredths on the tree to Wilson.  But the Cutlass pilot was close enough to his dial at 7.54 and 137.11 to flash on the win light.  Wilson dropped to second place via his 6.41 at 157.10.  

Pro eliminator was the largest but only by a couple of entries.  Brian Davison brought out his Camaro to square off with all comers and made a statement, as in he cleaned house.  Chris Cassidy had his Monte Carlo hustling along and gunned down Tanner Kootsares and his Camaro racer in the QF. Pat Barbone handled Tyler Wyker as the Malibu bested the S-10 rig.  And Davison ran alone.  Barbone fouled against Davison in the SF round and Cassidy prepped for the title bout.  Davison caught a /019 light and never looked back as he posted up a 10.75 at 127.74 to win.  Cassidy was .02 later on the tree and a bit further off the number at 9.69, 132.80.  

Sportsman class saw the return to victory lane by Steve Baker. The former track champ in the old Street bracket was able to outlast a tough group of entrants to take the honors with a final round defeat of Anthony Picone.  Baker bested Doug Eberhart  for a QF win while Mitch Speert was better than Saige Embley and Anthony Picone chopped down Bill Doczi.  Baker was the bye in the semis and Picone’s 47 Merc ran an 11.76, 111.94 that was enough to push Speert’s Mustang under the dial at 14.30 and 100.80.  Picone picked up the foul light in the rubber round and tossed a stout 11,76, 112.07 that gave Baker the money on an 11.92 and 111.33.

Bike was an interesting bracket right from the start.  Two of the most successful racers in the group, Barry Stephens and Don Hookway exited in round one.  From that point onward it was a wide open field that proved to be  some great competition.  Chris Miele, who a couple of ears ago was the top seed ion the bracket faced the latest winner, Don Anderson, in a semi race that was close, but fell to Miele, 9.27, 143 against a 9.16, 136.  Art Romaliysky, after a semifinal bye, lined up with Miele for the money.  Romaliysky coughed up a red light to beco9me an interest runner-up wile Miele squ9irted a 9.21 time at a speed

Junior Street was won by Jaina Embley when she easily took the final round after Evan Wackermann fouled out.  Embley’s 9.06 and 74.62 gave her the title and Wackermann saved a little car at a slowing 9.61.  Mikey Ulrich hauled in the Junior Dragster award by holding off Anna Sawicki.  Mikey’s better RT and 8.12, 79.20 ticket was the best deal as Anna hit a 7.99 and 80.90 in the failed catch up effort.