The four money bracket winners this weekend would make a great law firm except for the fact that they are not attorneys, they are racers.  Walt Kumka shone through in Super while Chris Cassidy scored the Pro honors.  Russ Picone added to his points total with victory in Sportsman as Dave Ferguson hauled the gold for Bike.  And in all counts, their victories were hard fought and provided some exciting matchups.

Kumka, driving his Nova bodied entry out of Hillsdale, mixed a lot of luck along the way as some of his early opponents ran under the dial just slightly more than he did, was a bye run in the semis and final competitor Robbie Boyd went red in the title race.  Boyd, who is in a tight points battle with Andrew Bracuto and others for Super Pro, exited in round one as did Bracuto, but bought back in to try for the money and the 100 hundred points available if he could win the deal.  Contender Dave Hebig lost to Boyd in the second round to keep his count down and he pushed John Graziano under the number in the semifinal to take onKumka for the cash.  Boyd missed the tree and his red light activated 6.53, 156 was second best, allowing Kumka to slow to a 7.24 at 121 for the win light.

The Pro final had a buyback racer involved as Joe Focarino coughed up some extra cash in an attempt to win his first of the year.  He got by Andrew Bracuto in the BB contest and then moved through the field to take on Chris Cassidy for the payout.  Cassidy, 2018s Division One runner-up, set down the challengers for several rounds and then received a solo in the quarters.  Kevin Render bested Chuck Render in that round and Focarino turned back the ever tough Jim Young.  Cassidy sent Render home in a semi race as Focarino ran unopposed in preparation for the deciding race.  Cassidy took a little advantage on the tree and clocked in a winning 9.55 at 136.58 to collect the spoils.  Focarino made a race of it but came up short with his 10.22 and 128.29 ticket.

Russ Picone has been having a good year both in Sportsman and Friday Gamblers action. Already assured a seat on the finals team, he continues to add points to his total in an attempt to perhaps nail down the number one position and get to race in the Race of Champions at the division go.  Picone helped his cause th9is week by winning this bracket and outlasting the likes of points competitors Bill Hakucsa, who lost in the QF to Rich Heinkel and John Dickson who he defeated in a SF race.  Picone drove his Mustang well all event long, with only one RT over .100 and most of them in the .024 or better.  His .021 light and 11.54, 115 effort finished off Heinkel’s Nova when he fouled out an 11.51, 111.62forsecond place.

With three events left in the season, the points battle in Bike continues to provide excitement with every round of action. Barry Stephens has regain a several round lead that was put to the test this week as Don Hookway and  Chris Miele tried to regain some momentum.  Hookway gunned Miele in the opener and Stephens took out Hookway in the next round.  Looking to pad his lead by about another 300 markers, Stephens failed to deliver the goods as he got shut down  by the  sled of Dave Ferguson in the semifinals.  Ferguson, who has struggled this season, was on his game and faced off with Ken Thiedemann and cranked out a 9.34 time at 133.32 mph to complete his quest. Thiedemann caught a red light that crossed out his 9.00, 150.21.

Michelle Zetterburg got the better of Pat Campomizzi for the Trophy class win.  Zetterburg, driving a S-10 truck took the win at 10.25, 127.85 which was a run out that didn’t matter as Campomizzi fouled away his 10.21, 128.47 slip in h9is 56 Chevy.

Seeking all the points available, Consolation One featured Richie Williams against Andrew Bracuto.  Williams, who had strung together two straight Super Pro titles, won this one at 7.72 and 130.47 as Bracuto’s 8.29 and 123.23 was top little and too late.

Consolation Two was picked up by Brian Mullaney as he hung on to beat Bill Doczi.  Mullaney’s ticket read 11.51, 115.12 and reflected the win as Doczi ran a 12.44 at 110.25 in the losing effort.