This old song might just as well be the theme song for the 2018 racing season, at least as the first half of the points tallies come to a close.  While there was no actual moisture that fell during the event, the forecast and overcast skies provided a serious threat all day long.  That combination led to an early start for time trials, the limitation to one trial only and a rapid round of eliminations.  All things combined held the participant count down but the competition was as hot as ever.  By the end of the night the top earners were set and the rest were looking forward to the start of the second half and hopefully better and more consistent conditions.

Former track champ and season finalist in Super Pro, Dave Hebig, pulled off the title in the bracket with a final round besting of Bryan Mirsky.  Mirsky finally had his regular 66 Chevy in the hunt and several timely passes to get into the semis against the Nova driven by Walt Kumka.  Mirsky had treed his opponents in the early going and left on Kumka with a .009 RT that was actually unneeded as the latter went off the tree by .3 of a second and the Biscayne moved into the final on an 8.44, 112 to a 7.19 at 144.  Hebig had his speedy RED mount flying as usual and took out Jim Young even though Young had the starting line advantage.  Young, knowing the top end power of the dragster, lifted just before the finish line and slowed to an8.73 at 111 as the digger blew by for the win light via a 5.93 time at 173.12.  The rubber round went to Hebig in a similar fashion as Mirsky took a little advantage and gave it back at the big end, the dragster clocking a victorious 5.95 at 171.51 while the Chevy fell to second place on an 8.44, 120.94 ticket.

Pro eliminator was the most well attended and when it was all over, Mike Franek sat atop the heap for the first time this year.  Piloting his sleek Dodge Dart, Franek used an on the dial 10.12 to push Nicole Hoflund under her number at 10.38.  Leigh Ratzkovich took out Mike Olson as the Mustang hit a 10.51 to the Chevy-motored Duster’s 9.44 with a foul light.  Jim Trommelen byed the QF round.  Franek ran solo in the semi and Trommelen used a better reaction to down Ratzkovich, 11.30, 113 against a 10.45, 121.  Topo end driving was the key in the final where Trommelen left better and appeared to have a win light in his future, then turned it around with a slowing 11.34 and 114.99 to let Franek take the stripe.  The Mopar driver headed for the pay window with a winning time slip of 10.14 and 122.85 mph, representing a margin of victory of just .006 seconds.

Bill Hakucsa climbed to the top in Street with a victory over John Dickson.  Hakucsa, multiple time track champ, trailed right until this final race and nailed the number one spot over Ed Franks and Ed Kozak.  Hakucsa put Franks out in the QF while Dickson ousted Keith Burnham.  Mitchell Speert got by Ed Kozak and Patty Franek was better than Scott Franks.  Hakucsa won the SF round with Speert and Dickson dispatched Franek to move into the title dash.  Hakucsa picked up 2 hundredths on the tree and actually broke out with his 11.57, 119 effort, but Dickson also ran under and by a bigger amount for second place with an 11.71 at 111.62.

Chris Miele continued with his hot hand in Bike bracket and opened up a six round lead in points over Barry Stephens.  Miele, riding like he had flames chasing him, beat Stephens in the semifinals and then took on Dave Ferguson for the money.  Ferguson had qualified number one but came up short here as his foul light negated a 9.88, 127 that boosted Miele to the payout on a  9.31 and 145.85.

J/D ended once again in a family feud as Violet and Anna Sawicki faced off in the final.  Violet used the tree to her advantage and tripped the beams at 9.00, 68.84 that gave her the win over a close but losing 9.02, 73.21 for Anna.

Jim Young  beat Rob Zetterberg for Consolation Two, the Camaro posting a 10/43, 126 versus the Monte Carlo’s 9.68, 136 fouling effort.  Single runs let Vinnie Yannone win the Trophy cup and Michael Franks took the Jr. Street award.