The chassis cert and ETI are currently postponed due to NJ executive order of no gatherings more than 10 people. The form below is still open, we will update when we have a new date.

Chassis Cert/ETI Sign up

Chassis Cert Sign up

Below is a list of confirmed signups as of Monday, 3/9/20. Please let us know if you need to change or cancel.

Name (First)Name (Last)Requested TimeChassis Cert or Extended Tech
RobertBoyd8am-10amBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
JEFFHALL8am-10amBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
JeffHall8am-10amBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
JohnJuliano8am-10amBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
JoeTheodore8am-10amBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
JamesArata8am-10amChassis Cert only
JamesDuntee8am-10amChassis Cert only
JEFFHALL8am-10amChassis Cert only
MikeHiggins8am-10amChassis Cert only
RobertHill8am-10amChassis Cert only
SavannahKinney8am-10amChassis Cert only
MarvinGibson8am-10amExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
MarvinGibson8am-10amExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
MikeMcCusker8am-10amExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
MikeMcCusker8am-10amExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
BobbyPIP8am-10amExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
mikepirrotti8am-10amExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
JeffRauscher8am-10amExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
WayneRudy8am-10amExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
SteveShadis8am-10amExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
RobertD’Alessandro10am-12pmBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
RobertDalessandro10am-12pmBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
MikeFranek10am-12pmBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
AlbertLuberto10am-12pmBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
WayneMeade10am-12pmBoth Chassis Cert AND ETI
robertBartley10am-12pmChassis Cert only
TomDancer10am-12pmChassis Cert only
JamesGlenn10am-12pmChassis Cert only
AnastasiosKaidirmaoglou Jr10am-12pmChassis Cert only
BarryLuyster10am-12pmChassis Cert only
MatthewManenty10am-12pmChassis Cert only
ChrisMassarella10am-12pmChassis Cert only
MichaelNogrady10am-12pmChassis Cert only
AndrewPovenski10am-12pmChassis Cert only
SteveShadis10am-12pmChassis Cert only
KeithStanczyk10am-12pmChassis Cert only
JoeSulligan10am-12pmChassis Cert only
JamesSweikata10am-12pmChassis Cert only
SeanSzymanski10am-12pmChassis Cert only
BRUCEWHITOSKY10am-12pmChassis Cert only
RichFerrara10am-12pmExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
TannerKootsares10am-12pmExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
georgerenz10am-12pmExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
JohnRodnite10am-12pmExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
JimboRomagna10am-12pmExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
KipSinn10am-12pmExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
LouTarascio10am-12pmExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)
10am-12pmExtended Technical Inspection only (ETI)