bonus bucks

Guaranteed Payouts When YOU Want Them

  • $1000 GUARANTEED in Super Pro

  • $1000 GUARANTEED in Pro

  • $500 GUARANTEED in Sportsman

…. on your terms …

We’ve brought back “Bonus Bucks”

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20 Island rd Great Meadows NJ

.. Only a little bit different this time..

“Bonus Bucks” was a term coined by my late father and previous Track Manager, Tony D. Back then we would select a few “Bonus Bucks Days,” raise entry fees $10, and guarantee the payout.

As a track, we got away from that for a while as entry fees and expenses rose, but are bringing them back in 2020 with a twist: EVERY Summit Race Day will be a “Bonus Bucks Day,” but you only have to pay the extra $10 if YOU want to.

If you do, and you win, you receive $1000 GUARANTEED in Super Pro or Pro, $500 GUARANTEED in Sportsman. If you don’t enter Bonus Bucks, they payout stays as it’s originally written.

    The Fine Print

    • Bonus Bucks must be bought into when you buy your tech card.
    • In the event of a final round split with only 1 person entered in Bonus Bucks, the splittable payout will be the original payout. If the Bonus Bucks entrant wins the race, the difference between the original payout and the guaranteed prize will be added to their winnings. 
    • There may be some days due to severe heat or chance of rain that we will announce before gates open that it is not a “Bonus Bucks Day.”
    • If you enter Bonus Bucks and your car breaks, it will not be included in your rain check. 
    • If you enter Bonus Bucks and there is a rain event and everyone gets a rain check, it will be forwarded with your rain check.
    • If race can’t be finished and a payout is split after 1st round, remaining Bonus Bucks entrants will get that days Bonus Bucks entries added to their split.

    Summit Race Day Pricing



    $10 optional Bonus Bucks



    $10 optional Bonus Bucks



    $10 optional Bonus Bucks



    Jr Dragster/Jr Street


    includes 1 adult

    Spectator Adult (15+)


    Military/Veteran Spectator


    Child 10-14