Thank you to all who have, or are contemplating, joining the Summit ET Series for 2019.

For those who are unsure of our system, here’s how points are awarded:

At signup:

Every driver receives 100 pts. In Super, Pro and Sportsman, drivers get 100 pts at the beginning of each half. If you sign up after first half ends, only second half signup points are awarded. Fri Night Gamblers, Bike Sled, Jr Dragster and Jr Street are not split into halves.


Single digit points are awarded to the top eight Qualifiers in each class. 8 points for #1, down to 1 point for #8. If someone in the top eight is not a points racer, that position’s points are not awarded. Also note: If any class does not complete first round of eliminations, no points are awarded at all in that class. Conversely, if first round is completed, all earned points are awarded, even if a qualifier did not show for first round.

First round:

Every points racer who stages in first round receives 100 pts.

Round points:

Winners in every round receive 100 points. Only completed rounds count. That means all racers that are in the lanes. If a racer misses the call it doesn’t count towards an incomplete round. If the round is stopped with even one racer left to compete, it doesn’t count. Note that buybacks do not receive round win points.

Bonus points:

There are two ways to earn bonus points. Any points racer who buys back after a first round loss, then goes on to win the event receives 100 points.

The second way to receive 100 points is by winning the consolation race. Super Pro runs in Consolation 1 for delay box racers. Pro and Sportsman run in Consolation 2 for No box racers. There is no minimum car count. If only one person signs up, they get 100 points when their win light comes on.

Check your points regularly. I make plenty of mistakes. If you see a discrepancy in the posted points, notify us ASAP so I can fix it. Please don’t wait so long that I have to review a hundred weeks of results. Generally, I’ll make corrections in the Compulink system then update the website at the next event update. I’m still learning the website program, so that may change as I get more practice.

The most common mistakes are in the Q points. Those, and the bonus points, are added manually. Sometimes I miss a racer. Thankfully I can handle single digit math…

Have fun, stay safe and thank you all for racing at Island Dragway.