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Jr. Street and Jr. Drag Racing



During the 2015 season we will be running Jr Street and Jr Drag Racing just about every other Saturday Starting April 18. Gates will open at 12noon, and Jr programs have the track from 1-3pm. 1-2pm will be an open time shot "Happy Hour", at 2pm we will run a qualifying round, and then we will call 1st round of eliminations. We will start calling adult race classes to the staging lanes to start around 3pm. This should give parents with children involved with Jr Street or JDRL time to race as well. Gift cards will be awarded to Winner and Runner-up in each class. 



NHRA recently introduced their new youth racing program for 13-16 year olds (14-16 in NJ) that will give teenage boys and girls the opportunity to race against their peers in full-bodied street vehicles with an adult co-driver as their teammate that combines racing and car safety
Through the NHRA JDRL Facebook page, an online poll was introduced to select a fitting name for the program. After several weeks and hundreds of votes, one name stood out above the rest, NHRA Jr. Street.

This is an inexpensive program to help meet the demand for teenagers wanting to drive fast but, best of all, it’s a way for families to use drag racing as a learning tool and a conduit for family bonding,” said Josh Peterson, NHRA vice president of racing administration.

Competitors in the NHRA Jr. Street program will go through an orientation/licensing procedure on an eighth-mile dragstrip in their vehicles, which must meet program requirements. Approved vehicles must be registered, insured, street-legal vehicles with mufflers and street tires and limited to 9 seconds and slower. 
NHRA Jr. Street is the latest program in NHRA’s youth racing segment that also includes the NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League, NHRA Youth and Education Services, NHRA Drags: Street Legal Style presented by AAA and the NHRA Summit Racing Series.

NHRA Jr. Street Rules

NHRA Jr. Street Application

JR Licensing at Island Dragway

Now Hiring


We are looking to add to our team!! All starting rates are based on experience. All positions are every weekend, unless otherwise noted. Please do not apply if you do not have regular weekend availability! Must be 18 or older for all of these positions.

Tech Inspector- Friday/Sunday (occasional Saturdays, non Bracket days) Must have advanced automotive knowledge and a good understanding of NHRA Safety rules. One of our regular Saturday bracket racers would be a good fit, but not a necessity. Must be available Friday nights 7-1030pm and Sundays generally 11a-4p, occasionally 10a-5p.

Starting Line personnel- Saturday/Sunday OR Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Must be able to stand 8+ hrs, be physically able to help push cars, equipment, bend over to clean up spills etc. General drag racing knowledge helpful, willing to train a reliable candidate.

Announcer- Saturdays/Sunday. Must have solid drag racing and automotive knowledge (enough to talk at length about, willing to learn popular makes and models specs, etc.). Must be able to speak clearly over a PA system. 

Fireman- Looking for regular weekend availability OR occasional Friday day time availability (10a-4p) for track rentals. Must have Fire 1 and extrication experience. Race car experience a plus.

Staging Lanes Director- Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Must have basic drag racing knowledge (classes, how to read a ladder sheet, difference between pro tree and full tree, etc). Must be able to stand and walk during operating hours. Calm demeanor a MUST. Ability to speak calmly with customers, even when they are agitated, is absolutley necessary. Must be able to multi-task without getting flustered.


If you are interested in any position, please send an email with resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or drop by the concession stand during operating hours to fill out an application. Even if you have sent a resume in the past, please feel free to send again.

10.0, 11.50 & Pro Dial


10.0 Index, 11.50 Index & Pro Dial
$55 Entry
Dates 4/11, 5/9, 6/13, 7/18, 8/8, 10/10

10.00 and 11.50 Index - 1/4 mile racing, 16 car qualified field (32 car field if 32+ cars)
1..500 Pro tree
2. Full bodied street cars only. Lettering on cars permitted but not encouraged.
3. Finished interiors.
4. Lexan windows permitted.
5. Mufflers optional
6. DOT tires maximunm 30x13.5 or any size drag radial. Slicks limited to a max size of 29x10.5(non"W")
7. Gasoline, methanol or E85 only (nitro prohibited)
8. Stock frame and back half cars permitted (full round or square chassis cars prohibited)
9. Tubbed cars allowed.
10. Pneumatic and electric throttle stops prohibited, Automatic shifters PROHIBITED
11. Delay devices prohibited ( 2step and trans brake allowed)
12. Any type power adder permitted.
13. NHRA Pro ladder
14. Deep staging permitted but auto start will be on at ALL times, starter will not hold tree.
15. Full front bench seat or 2 front bucket seats mandatory
16. Wheelie bars prohibited.
PRO DIAL - all run field
1. .500 pro tree Dial your car
2. Full bodied street appearing cars only
3. Mufflers optional
4. Throttle stops and Delay devices PROHIBITED.
5.Trans brake and 2step permitted. Automatic shifters PROHIBITED
6. Deep staging permitted but auto start will be on at ALL times, starter will not hold tree.
7. Random pairing rounds 1 & 2, bye run based on previous reaction time. Ladder starting 3rd round.
Winner $500(if 32+cars) $450(if less than 32 cars)
Runner Up $250(if 32+cars) $150(if less than 32 cars)
Semis $125(if 32+cars) $100(16-31 cars)
1/4 Finals $50(if 32+cars)