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Grocery Getter Race


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2016 Fall Bike Fest


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Guaranteed Payout Footbrake



Fall Nostalgia Classic


fall classic

Footbrake Challenge 2016




Island Dragway

Post Bracket Finals Footbrake Challenge

PA Radio Station 97.7

Staging Lanes- 7&8, overflow 9&10

Test & Tune Street Tires: 5&6

Test & Tune Slicks: 11&12

Motorcycles: Lane 1

Jrs, Quads: 2&3

No Time, Pro Tree, License: Lane 15


Footbrake Race: 

All NHRA Pro rules in effect. All cars must be footbrake, any delay boxes, trans brakes etc, must be removed from vehicle. 

Random Pairing 1st & 2nd Round. Ladder at 3rd Rd

2 time runs, 2nd time run will be a qualifier based on a bogey package. 

Buybacks after 1st round only. Buybacks will run each other, winners will go into 2nd round.

“Deep” IS allowed to be on the vehicle. We will run a “NO BS” Tree today. Autostart WILL be on in MOST instances. Please know who your opponent is and use staging “common sense.” Deep stagers should make every attempt to be the first car in. Tree will be held for a reasonable amount of time on “Double Deep”, cars must be obviously attempting to stage. Once they stop bumping in we will assume they are staged. If a shallow stager obviously “double bulbs” a deep stager, we will again give the deep stager a reasonable chance to stage, so long as the car is moving forward.


Anyone in footbrake race who wants to jump into test & tune lanes may do so AFTER they are out of competition. 

Open test & tune will run approximately till 4pm

Thank you and have a great race!