Over the years a Camaro racer by the name of Jim Young has proven to be a formidable competitor anytime he rolls through the gate.  Most of the other racers know of his reputation and work hard to be at their best if and when they stage up in the lane opposite the Parsippany native.  For the past couple of years Young hasn’t been as regular a competitor at Island and his win-loss record has suffered a little bit of decline over that period of time.  How to get yourself back on the winning side of the ledger is a simple formula, race for a big payout to the tune of $2,000.  And this weekend it was the end of the season footbrake race that brought out the best racers to fight it out for a prize that surely will buy a lot of brats and beer for the Octoberfest.

Young and his Chevy entry was never more than .055 off the green light all afternoon, and through seven rounds was always the first to react to the go signal.  His only easy race came in the sixth round semifinal when he fell into the bye slot for the round.  He had to be better than Scott Embley twice due to the buyback system as Young was the winner in the opener and again in the quarterfinals versus the Nova driven by the Saylorsburg pilot.  Young showed Blake Furman and his Plymouth the exit in the second heat and then took out Tim Iren’s Malibu in the next match.  After sending Everett Foley to the showers in round 4, Young again paired off with Embley in the QF.  Meantime, Kevin Render was advancing his Monte Carlo into a final round scenario by defeating Mike Franek in a round 1 buy back, John Hedenburg’s Ford and the Duster of Brent Long and a bye run to work his way into the quarters.

Round 5 open with Young turning away Embley, 10.51 and 123.79 against a 9.59, 138.57.  Render hit a 10.43 at 120.16 to push out the Malibu of Joe McLaughlin who ran under his number at 12.48, 105.18.   Joe Folarino ran unopposed in his Camaro.  Young   head start in the semis and parlayed that into a shot at the big bucks as the Chevy posted up a 10.47 and 126.03 ticket to a losing 9.78 and 134.26 for the racer out of Old Bridge.  Young was a single.

Render had the most invested in the day because of his need to get back in after an initial loss and was psyched up for the challenge of taking on Young.  He was perhaps a little too psyched up as he was supposed to give up .06 on the tree but couldn’t wait long enough for his countdown and went red at -.037 for the automatic loss and runner-up pay on a 10.43, 126.97.  Young saw he was going to take the money and ran a little under the dial with a slip of 10.48, 128.54.

So for the second of the two footbrake mega dollar events for the season, another local racer made off with the bigger check.  Jim Young  joins Rob Zetterberg as the two top paid racers for the year.  Almost can’t wait for the next time these folks race for the bank bag full of loot.