Category: Super Pro Points

Super Pro Overall as of 8/30/18

Number Name 2nd Half 1st Half Overall E101 Q- Andrew Bracuto A 1315 2013 3328 127D Q- David Hebig A 1504 1772 3276 1228 **RICH WILLIAMS A 811 1517 2328 1474 *KURT BAUER A 1419 706 2125 159F *ROBBIE BOYD A 920 1056 1976 1051...

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Super Pro Points 8/11/18

QF Points from 8/11/18 rainout included Compulink StarTrak SEASON Points for SUPER PRO 2nd half w/REG code 0 127D Q- David Hebig A 1504 1474 KURT BAUER A 1419 E101 Q- Andrew Bracuto A 1315 159F ROBBIE BOYD A 920 F199 JOHN...

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