Chassis Cert and Extended Tech Inspection will be held on 3/31/18 from 8am-12pm.
UPDATE 2/22/18: Chassis Cert date added. Openings available on 4/7/18 from 8am-12pm.

The March 31 Chassis cert is now full and taking waiting list names. April 7 has now been opened for chassis cert appointments. IF you submitted for a waiting list prior to 2/22 you should have received an email with confirmation for 4/7. If you have not submitted the form yet, please do so and select the proper date.

Extended Tech Inspection is still available on 3/31, it may become available on 4/7. If so we will update this page.

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If you are signing up for an ETI, please ensure that your car passes NHRA tech and note that the ETI will expire before the end of the season if anything that requires a date expires (ie, belts, license, bell housing)