Chassis Cert and Extended Tech Inspection will be held on 3/31/18 from 8am-12pm.
UPDATE 2/22/18: Chassis Cert date added. Openings available on 4/7/18 from 8am-12pm.
UPDATE 3/14/18: Submitted list as of 3/14 is visible at the bottom of this page. It is not live updated. Please email us if you need to change or cancel your reservation.
UPDATE 4/6/18: The list below is current as of today. Chassis Cert is Rain or Shine, we will be watching the current weather, in the event of snow it may be postponed. Please check the email you signed up with

The March 31 Chassis cert is now full and taking waiting list names. April 7 has now been opened for chassis cert appointments. IF you submitted for a waiting list prior to 2/22 you should have received an email with confirmation for 4/7. If you have not submitted the form yet, please do so and select the proper date.

Extended Tech Inspection is still available on 3/31, it may become available on 4/7. If so we will update this page.

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If you are signing up for an ETI, please ensure that your car passes NHRA tech and note that the ETI will expire before the end of the season if anything that requires a date expires (ie, belts, license, bell housing)

Current List for 4/7 Chassis Cert as of 4/6.

# Date Submitted First Name Last Name Chassis Cert or ETI Please select a time slot
68 1/3/2018 Steve Spaulding 4/7 Chassis Cert no preference
69 2/3/2018 James Walter 4/7 Chassis Cert 8am-10am
71 3/3/2018 Craig Wiley 4/7 Chassis Cert 10am-12pm
70 3/3/2018 Craig Sonderfan 4/7 Chassis Cert 8am-10am
93 3/4/2018 Kenneth Rogozinski 4/7 Chassis Cert 8am-10am
72 4/3/2018 Robert Henry 4/7 Chassis Cert 10am-12pm
74 9/3/2018 James Walter 4/7 Chassis Cert 8am-10am
73 9/3/2018 Joe Focarino 4/7 Chassis Cert 8am-10am
47 10/2/2018 Joe Andrechuk 4/7 Chassis Cert 8am-10am
75 11/3/2018 Grover Mohrle 4/7 Chassis Cert 10am-12pm
51 15/02/2018 John Bazelewich 4/7 Chassis Cert 10am-12pm
54 16/02/2018 Jerry Filloon 4/7 Chassis Cert 8am-10am
60 20/02/2018 Craig Wiley 4/7 Chassis Cert 10am-12pm
62 22/02/2018 Joseph Losardo 4/7 Chassis Cert 8am-10am
87 24/03/2018 John Kosakowski 4/7 Chassis Cert 10am-12pm
92 31/03/2018 Kenneth Rogozinski 4/7 Chassis Cert 8am-10am